Cecilia Beaven

"Clouds" Massive Biomorphic Abstract Contemporary Landscape Cloud Painting 2018



Acrylic, Wood Panel


Dark toned abstract painting of a surreal cloudy dream-like landscape on four wooden panels. While primarily black and grey, the pops of blue and pink stand out against the neutral clouds. This piece was recently included in the artist's solo show titled "Two-Headed Turtle" in Chicago. Cecilia Beaven draws upon her early life in Mexico City as well as her own personal introspection to create a narrative in which intriguing and absurd mythical creatures explore the fictional landscape of the artist's inner world.

Artist Biography

Cecilia Beaven is a visual artist from Mexico City, currently based in Chicago. Besides keeping a studio practice, Cecilia is a part-time instructor at SAIC; Beaven teaches the college-level course Comics: Graphic Narrative, that she created for the Painting and Drawing Department. Cecilia holds an MFA in Studio from SAIC, which she coursed as a Fulbright scholar, and a BFA with honors from ENPEG La Esmeralda (Mexico City). During the summer of 2019 Cecilia was awarded the Summer Fellowship at Ox-Bow School of Art, in Saugatuck, Michigan. Through her work, that includes painting -with a particular fascination for big scale projects-, drawing, animation, film and sculpture, Cecilia develops a speculative mythology with unique visual narratives. Cecilia’s artwork has been shown in solo shows in Mexico City, Houston and Chicago, as well as in group exhibitions in Mexico, the US, Colombia, Sweden, Italy and Japan. She has also painted murals in several cities such as Mexico City, Oaxaca, Pachuca, Tepoztlan, Houston, Chicago, Paris, Hiketa and Tijuana, where she was commissioned to paint a segment of the border wall between Mexico and the US.


H 96 in. x W 192 in. x D .63 in.