Evangeline Gichina

Colorful Abstract Contemporary “Blue Dress III” African Textile Painting 2019



Acrylic, Canvas


Colorful abstract painting titled "Blue Dress III" by contemporary artist Eva Gichina that incorporates hues of red, green, blue, yellow, and purple. The painting is signed and dated by the artist on the side of the canvas. Currently not framed, but framing options are available.

Artist Biography

Evangeline Gichina is a visual artist based in Houston, Texas who uses her artistic expression to bring her ideas and experiences as a young, Black woman in today’s society to the table. She received her BFA in Integrative Studio Practice with focuses in ceramics and painting, from Herron School of Art + Design in Indianapolis (2019). Exhibitions from Eva's undergraduate career include Heritage Spectrum: 10 Years Later, Indiana State Museum (2016), RAW Indianapolis Showcase: VERSE (2017), and Blender, Undergraduate Painting Show (2018). Eva closed her undergraduate experience at Herron with a group show, A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, BFA Thesis Exhibition (2019).


H 16 in. x W 20 in. x D 1.5 in.