Nathaniel Sing

"Covered Cacti" Pink and Neon Yellow Green Contemporary Cactus Painting 2022



Acrylic paint, canvas


Abstract contemporary painting by Texas artist, Nathaniel Sing. This cool piece features cactus in a snowy winter scene contrasting against a warm, pink, and yellow-green gradient background. Signed and dated by the artist at the back. Unframed but framing options are available.


H 46 in. x W 35.88 in. x D 1.63 in.

Artist Statement

What is color to you? Really think about it for a second. Go past the everyday backdrops, items, clothing, spaces, etc. in your life. Perhaps think about your favorite color. A memory of an unforgettable sunset, or even a specific moment in your life. I have found especially with memories and emotions, that colors provide a base for those things to exist in our minds. Memories and emotions are inherently fading or fleeting as our lives move forward. My question and focus are how we preserve them for our own personal reasons, growth, or perhaps a way to humble ourselves. Through the use of acrylic paints, graphic design, and color relationships I aim to capture the essence of emotions and memories. Although each of these paintings is from my own personal experiences and memories my intent is to capture and express them through the lens of color and their relationships with each other and ourselves.

Artist Biography

Nathan Sing is a central Texas-based artist living out of San Antonio. Nathan is a Texas State University alumnus and holds a double major in Painting and Graphic Design. Merging the two disciplines, Nathan creates his highly colorful paintings. His love for quiet, even mundane, settings and using color to convey emotions is what makes his work unique. Nathan also works as a production assistant for two prominent Texas-based Artists, McKay Otto and Gil Bruvel.
"Covered Cacti" Pink and Neon Yellow Green Contemporary Cactus Painting 2022