Edward Donovan

Edward Donovan - 19th Century Engraving of Hand Painted Shells, First Published in 1825





Shell engravings for the book titled, “Naturalist’s Repository of Exotic Natural History” Volume 1 out of 5, published in 1823 by Edward Donovan. Print is a hand painted engraving. Framed in a gold frame with a purple matte.

Artist Biography

Edward Donovan born in 1768, was an Anglo-Irish writer, natural history illustrator, and amateur zoologist. He did not travel, but collected, described and illustrated many species based on the collections of other naturalists. His many books were successful and remain as a reference to biology. He died penniless in 1837 leaving a large family destitute.


H 11.75 in. x W 8.5 in. x D .5 in.