Bob Fowler

Modern Surrealist Mixed Media Fly & Tree Maze Sculpture with Lucite Case 1967



Acrylic, wood, and mixed media


Modern surrealist mixed media sculpture by Houston artist Bob Fowler. The work features a pair of metal fly and tree sculptures arranged within a white and red maze. The piece is arranged on a natural wood base with a clear lucite case. The initials "BF" for Bob Fowler are embossed in the side corner of the base.

Artist Biography

Robert (Bob) Knight Fowler, Jr. was born on January 28th, 1931, in Houston, TX. Bob was a celebrated artist and master sculptor. He began producing art at the age of nine, when he won a scholarship to the museum of fine arts in Houston. He attended St. Thomas High school, graduated and went on to University of Notre Dame where he received a BFA in 1954. He continued his education at Mexico City College on a Good Neighbor Fellowship until 1958, when he returned to Houston. In 1963 he began working as a full time sculptor. In 1966 he was the first American to win the first place in the International Exhibit of Sacred Art Trieste in Italy. Notably his landmark sculpture, African Elephant, 1982, greets visitors at the entrance to the Houston Zoo. His public pieces are displayed in such diverse settings as concert halls, (Jones Hall in Houston) universities, banks, and community centers. Bob Fowler passed away November 2, 2010.