Wiley Robertson

Monumental Contemporary Colorful Abstract Street Art Inspired "LOVE" Painting 21st Century



Spray paint, acrylic paint, canvas


Bright and colorful abstract street art inspired painting by Houston artist Wiley Robertson. The work features a female portrait with purple hair, cacti, stairs, and the word "LOVE" in capital letters. Signed by artist in front lower right corner. Currently unframed, but options are available.

Artist Biography

Wiley Robertson is a local Houston, TX street artist and muralist. Known for his colorful compositions that often incorporate positive messages, his work can be viewed throughout the city. Robertson uses stickers, free hand spray paint graffiti, stencils, marker tags, wheat pastes, hand painted 2 x 4’s, and at times combines multiple of the mediums to announce his existence wherever he goes. His imagery matches the diversity found in the mediums used. Wiley seamlessly navigates inspired sign painting, portraiture, pop cultural imagery, letter based graffiti, community inspired iconography, and more.


H 108 in. x W 97.25 in. x D .88 in. (2.24 cm)