Sydenham Edwards

Sydenham Edwards - Elastic and Pale Bulla Shell Engraving From Early 19th Century, First Published in 1813





Small copperplate engraving from an encyclopedia titled "John Manson Good's Pantologia, a New Encyclopedia." The texted was first published in 1813 in London, by G. Kearsley. Engraving is of various shells called Bulla Resiliens or Elastic Bulla and Bulla Pallida or Pale or Cylindric Bulla. The engraving is hand pained on laid paper. Framed in a wooden frame.

Artist Biography

Sydenham Edwards was born in Monmouthshire in 1768. He produced over 1,700 hand painted prints for the Botanical Magazine alone. He was also the illustrator for Cynographica Britannica, New Botanic Garden, New Flora Britannica, and The Botanical Register. He also provided many other encyclopedias with drawings. He was also known for painting studies of animals too. He died in 1819 and is buried at the All Saints Church in London.


H 9 in. x W 7 in. x D .5 in.