Helen Frankenthaler

"The Clearing" Dark Purple Toned Abstract Woodcut Print 1991



Woodcut print


Dark purple-toned abstract woodcut print by American Abstract Expressionist painter, Helen Frankenthaler. This woodcut is printed in colors with undertones of blue and muted red. Signed by Helen Frankenthaler at the lower right corner and editioned 20/28. Framed in a silver painted wooden frame.

Artist Biography

Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011), whose career spanned six decades, has long been recognized as one of the great American artists of the twentieth century. She was eminent among the second generation of postwar American abstract painters and is widely credited for playing a pivotal role in the transition from Abstract Expressionism to Color Field painting. Through her invention of the soak-stain technique, she expanded the possibilities of abstract painting, while at times referencing figuration and landscape in unique ways. She produced a body of work whose impact on contemporary art has been profound and continues to grow. Frankenthaler was born on December 12, 1928, and raised in New York City. She attended the Dalton School, where she received her earliest art instruction from Rufino Tamayo. In 1949 she graduated from Bennington College, Vermont, where she was a student of Paul Feeley. She later studied briefly with Hans Hofmann.

Dimensions With Frame

H 35.38 in. x W 45.88 in. x D 1.88 in. (4.78 cm)

Dimensions Without Frame

H 24 in. x W 31.5 in.
"The Clearing" Dark Purple Toned Abstract Woodcut Print 1991
"The Clearing" Dark Purple Toned Abstract Woodcut Print 1991