Jimmy Kellough

“The Enjoyment of Things” Yellow Toned Contemporary Figurative Food Painting 1981



Acrylic Paint, Board


Contemporary figurative food painting by Texas artist Jimmy Kellough. Warm toned pop-art style painting depicting a slice of pie and a sandwich alternately patterned against a yellow background. Unframed but framing options are available.

Artist Biography

Jimmy Kellough is an American Postwar & Contemporary artist who was born in 1947. Jimmy Kellough is known for Bio-abstract, calligraphy, collage and is a Fresh Paint artist. He was predominantly inspired creatively by the 1960s growing up. In the art sphere, a multitude of significant changes were also taking place. Pop Art, adopting the culture of mass media through the works of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Tom Wesselmann, was slowly breaking down the foundations on which the production and reception of art were built. Getting inspired from the imagery of popular culture and mass consumerism, the Pop Artists refuted the authority of highbrow art and created a ground-breaking movement, while Minimalism, simultaneously appearing, was rejecting any form of emotional manifestation and focused on art’s theoretical aspect – aspiring to pure visual responses. Honesty and an emptiness of emotions were key concepts in the highly influential movement of Minimalism, embodied by artists such as Frank Stella, Donald Judd and Agnes Martin. Bored of the gestural elements of Abstract Expressionism, Minimalist artists focused on delivering artworks mainly gathering polished, clean lines and geometrical elements. The very first blossoming of Conceptualism was highly influenced by the purity of Minimalism but went further in denying all pre-existing conceptions inherent to art, similarly to what Pop Artists were trying to attain, by uplifting popular culture to the status of high art. Several schools of philosophy deeply influenced creatives, Francis Bacon and Alberto Giacometti were artists fundamentally seduced by the ideologies of Existentialism, who achieved worldwide fame through their depiction of the human form and the anguish often associated with the human condition. worldwide, a significant number of art movements resonated with the radical changes of the 1960s, often prone to their own regional distinctions. In Italy, Lucio Fontana and Piero Manzoni created Spatialism, while in Germany, the Zero group espoused similar ideas under the leadership of Günther Uecker.


H 16 in. x W 24 in. x D 1.75 in.
“The Enjoyment of Things” Yellow Toned Contemporary Figurative Food Painting 1981
“The Enjoyment of Things” Yellow Toned Contemporary Figurative Food Painting 1981