Hiroyuki Tajima

"Yellow Wall" 16/50 Colorful Neutral Ochre and Aqua Abstract Woodcut Print





The colorful woodblock print is edition 15/50, and includes bright tones of aqua blue overlapped with a rich layer of yellow ochre.

Artist Biography

Hiroyuki Tajima (b. 1911 in Tokyo, Japan) is best known for his luminous abstract woodblock prints with broad areas of rich, dense color. While his execution was certainly inspired by western art movements, the spirit of his work is nonetheless based on the ideals of East Asian calligraphy, traditional Japanese painting structure, and a sense of space derived partly from his Zen Buddhist beliefs. The bold compositions tempered with the solemnity of balance and distillation of form results in works imbued with a sublime presence and meditative spirit.

Dimensions With Frame

D 0.25 in. x W 15.5 in. x H 19 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 17.5 in. x W 12.5 in.